• Home institution students only
  • Semester and academic year options available
  • Requirements :
  • 3.2 minimum GPA
  • advanced language proficiency
  • faculty recommendations
  • three-week intensive language course in Barcelona
  • Undergraduate courses
  • One culture course organized by program
  • Direct enrollment in Spanish Universities: Pompeu Fabra and ESADE
  • Internships
  • Program places UPF students in several residence halls
  • ESADE students are allowed to share an apartment with local students
  • Weekly cultural activities included in fees
  • Organized field trips included in fees
  • Organized events along with Pompeu Fabra University students
  • Opportunities to participate in local events
  • Volunteer work opportunities
  • Language exchange program
Director O.I.P.: Bernd Widdig
Boston College
Chestnut Hill MA, 02467. USA
Tel. (617) 552-3827
Fax: (617) 552-0647
E-mail :
Skype: bwiddig
On-site Coordinator: Teresa Nandín
Tel.: +34 670 301897
Skype: teresa.nandin1

The Boston College Program in Barcelona offers two different academic programs: students may take courses at ESADE or Pompeu Fabra University. In both cases, students have the opportunity to fully integrate into the Spanish academic environment. ESADE students enroll in regular courses and have the opportunity to take classes both in Spanish and in English. All students attending UPF enroll both in Hispanic and European Studies Program and regular university courses with Spanish classmates. Students are required to choose from a range of courses taught in Spanish and a limited number of courses in English (Economics and Management courses only). Students in both universities take an intensive early-start language course and continue the course throughout the semester. In addition, they are encouraged to enroll in a custom-designed three-credit culture course taught by the Boston College On-site Coordinator. This course is devised in coordination with the semester culture program, consisting of weekly cultural visits, workshops, excursions, and lectures. Students receive academic advising from their home campus counselors prior to departure and from the On-site Coordinator once in Barcelona. The goal of the program is to provide students with the opportunity to do coursework in their field of interest/specialization while at the same time developing an understanding of and appreciation for the host culture through complete integration into the Spanish university system and local community.