Director: Amalia Pérez-Juez, Ph.D.
Office: +34 679.41.77.41

Boston University offers a study abroad program in Burgos (Spring semester only), from late January through June. This program is open to students from Boston University, as well as other institutions of higher education.

The Boston University program in Burgos, an alternative to the larger BU program in Madrid, is designed for motivated and independent students who want to completely immerse themselves in Spanish history and culture. In order to participate in this program, students must have completed a minimum of 5th-semester Spanish, or its equivalent. Students enroll directly at the University of Burgos, and can take classes in areas such as humanities, business administration, economics, and political science.

Housing is provided in a modern, fully-equipped student residence hall, allowing students to interact with Spanish students, both inside and outside the classroom.

Students who study at the University of Burgos with Boston University receive 16 BU credits and, with prior approval of the Director, have the option of undertaking their own thesis-style project alongside a research tutorial, which they complete with guidance of the Director and a UBU professor.

This small program, which usually has less than ten students, includes many excursions: to La Rioja region, Camino de Santiago, Atapuerca, Madrid, Sevilla, and other points of interest in the surrounding area. The cost of the program includes tuition, room and board, field trips, round-trip airfare from a designated U.S. city, limited cultural reimbursements, private tutoring, and emergency travel assistance coverage.