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Boston University Study Abroad
888 Commonwealth Avenue
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Director: Amalia Pérez-Juez
Office: 011.34.913.191.458

Boston University in Madrid offers different programs for students of varying levels of the Spanish language, with classes in Humanities, Political Science, Anthropology, History and many other subjects related to Spain. There is also a direct enrollment program at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for advanced students. Finally, Boston University offers specific programs for Science and Engineering students with no previous knowledge of Spanish language. All programs are equivalent to 16 BU credits, except the Engineering program which is 20 credits. BU Madrid offers a 6-week intensive summer term as well. The Madrid Spanish and European Studies program (MSES) allows students of all Spanish levels to take both Spanish language classes as well as content classes (history, politics, art, etc). This program is offered during both Fall and Spring semesters. The Madrid University Studies Program (MUSP) is a specialized honors program for advanced students eligible to enroll directly in coursework at the Universidad Autónoma, and available only during spring semester. MUSP students also take a BU-taught seminar about Spanish history and culture. Both the MUSP and the MSES students have the option of participating in an internship program with a Spanish company/organization (MSES students with an appropriate level of Spanish). The Madrid Engineering program (MENG, spring only) sends students to the prestigious ICAI University, where they take 3 engineering courses as well a Spanish Language course and a Spanish Civilization course (20 credits total). The Madrid Science Program (MSCI) sends students to take Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Statistics at the Universidad Autónoma (in English), as well as a Spanish language course. Some seventy students participate each semester at the Instituto Internacional, located on calle Miguel Ángel in the Chamberí district. There they have the opportunity to attend lectures and performances by important personalities in the cultural and political life of Spain, which are offered by the various programs housed at the Instituto. In addition, our program includes a series of exciting field-trips to places of particular interest throughout Spain. These field trips are generally to cities in Spain that the students may not visit on their own, but hold significant historical and cultural value. All field trips and many cultural activities in Madrid, as well as round-trip expenses from the United States to Spain and room and board in private homes with a Spanish family, are included in the program fees, which are very similar to the home campus in Boston.