AU Center in Madrid is the home base for al lof AU´s study abroad programms in Madrid. This robust center offers a variety of different programs to visiting students. Its staff coordinates fall, spring and summer programs. The center is also host AU student grops throughout the year on short term programs.

American University Madrid started in 1996. Currently we offer different programs in fall, spring and summer.

Fall, spring and summer include mandatory trips to Spain and Europe included in the fee in order to study and experience in situ the subjects covered in class. In addition, we offer internships in all terms.

At the beggining of each program we dedicate a week of orientation with the students, where in addition to spending a weekend in Toledo to get to know each other and dedicate a morning to a cultural shock workshop, once in Madrid we introduce them to the cultural and academic life in Madrid, to smooth their adaptation.

During their stay in Madrid we organize different outings around the city as well as cultural experiences such as a cooking workshop, wine tasting, and an afternoon of cinema and theater.

AU Madrid Center also has a psychologist that students can count on whenever they consider it necessary.

AU Madrid Center is located in El Viso neighborhood, close to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

  • Academic year
  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • Summer sessions
  • Open to students from other institution

  • Undergraduate courses
  • Courses organized by program
  • Direct enrollment in Spanish Universities – ICADE Business School & Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty – TAI
  • Classes taught in English and Spanish
  • Interships for Undergraduate and Graduate students

  • Housing with families
  • Residences

  • Field trips included in fees
  • Cultural events included in fees
  • Volunteer work opportunies

There are two programs: Mediterranean Program (where they study subjects such as History, Mediterrenean Culture, Mediterranean Politics, Mediterranean Cinema, as well as Communication subjects and Marketing & Business in Soccer); and Public Health Program: Spain and Europe (Comparative Health System in Spain and Europe, Immigrant Experience, Women in contemporary Spain, Spanish for Public Health). In addition, we offer 4 different levels of Spanish. Both programs are taught in English with some classes in Spanish.

There are two programs: Iberian Experience Program & Spanish Immersion Program. Iberian Experience Program is taught entirely in Spanish. During this program students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spain and Europe through subjects as diverse as Spanish History and Culture, Literature and Cinema, Art History, European Union, Public Speaking, Journalism Abroad or Immigrant Experience. Spanish Immersion Program is taught exclusively in English. This program is complemented by 10 hours of Spanish classes per week

We offer different short intensive programs, ranging from 3 weeks to 5 weeks. Theses programs are: Spanish Immersion, Art History and SIS Global Scholars.

4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016
Tel. (202) 885-1000
AU Madrid Center
C/ Serrano 208
28002 Madrid
Director: Francisco Gómez Santiago