• Home institution students only
  • Academic year
  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • Requirement : 3.5 minimum GPA, advanced language proficiency
  • Three-week language and culture course in Barcelona
  • Undergraduate courses
  • One Courses organized by a Consoritum visiting professor
  • Direct enrollment in Spanish University
  • Semester-long activities seminar
  • Tutors available to help students
  • Program places students in a university residence. Full-year students have the option of independent housing during the Spring semester.
  • Field trips included in fees
  • Weekly cultural activities included in fees
  • Organized field trips
  • Organized events available
  • Volunteer work opportunities in education
Kendall Brousten
Brown University
Rhode Island Hall
Office of International Programs
Box 1973
Providence, RI 02912
Tel.: (401) 863-3555
Director: Juanjo Romero Marín
Telephone: 011.34.935.422.489
Fax: 011.34.935.421.430

Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona (CASB) students have the option to take courses at the three public universities of Barcelona (Universidad de Barcelona, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and Universidad Pompeu Fabra). Students only can attend to regular courses taught in Spanish or Catalan, but not to English taught courses. Additionally, all students during the first month in the city have to complete a pro-seminar coures which include language and cultural topics. Academic development of the program is accompanied by extracurricular activities, fieldtrips and visits, seminars and conferences. Students live together in the same residence, and only full-year students have the choice of independent housing in the second semester. The "Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona" (CASB), a collaborative initiative involving six high caliber U.S. Universities (Brown, Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern, Princeton and University of Chicago) provides students with a unique opportunity to have direct access to three distinguished Spanish universities the "Barcelona Group" (BG). The program capitalizes on the already strong academic linkages existing between the Hispanic Studies departments from each of the U.S. Consortium members and their counterparts in Barcelona and fills an important education abroad niche in arguably Spain's most dynamic and avant guard city.