The Emory-University of Salamanca program is administered by Emory University in partnership with the University of Salamanca. The University of Salamanca holds a population of 40,000 students, which include local Spanish and European students. The student population makes Salamanca a vibrant city with an active cultural scene, including theater, concerts, art exhibitions, local celebrations, and a unique and lively nightlife. In contrast to other bigger cities in Europe, Salamanca offers a safe and comfortable place to study, while offering students a variety of cultural activities and affordable standard of living. The Emory Center in Spain, located in the heart of Salamanca, serves as a combination of classroom space, social gathering area and work space for students and faculty on the program. During the semester or academic year, this program is open to both Emory students and students from other institutions who have completed at least 3 semesters of college work and have a 3.0 GPA. During the summer, this program is open to students who have completed 2 semesters of college work and have a 2.0 GPA. One year of high school Spanish or one semester of college Spanish is a minimum prerequisite to participate in the program. The program can accommodate the needs of beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. During the semester, students take 4 courses and earn 16 credit hours. All students must take at least one language course. Students select from a variety of courses including Spanish language, Spanish culture, or Political Science courses taught in English at Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca. The program also offers courses at the Emory Center in Spain for program participants only, including Spanish culture courses, literature courses, and Psychology courses taught in English. Advanced level students also directly enroll in regular courses at the Universidad de Salamanca with Spanish students. During the summer, students take 2 courses and earn 8 credit hours. Summer courses include language, culture and advanced level Spanish courses. Tuition and fees cover all domestic travel, room and full board in Salamanca, all hotels during excursions and all course related activities (museums, movies, plays, concerts, cultural meals), all academic costs, some books, use of the Emory Center in Salamanca, access to the academic and recreational facilities at the Universidad de Salamanca, and tutors. The program organizes regular weekly activities in Salamanca including as movies, plays, concerts, museum visits and social activities (such as "tapas afternoon"). Students stay in private homes in single rooms ("home stays"). Students are permitted to find their own apartment with other Spanish students after the first month. While traveling, students stay in hotels. The Emory program also offers mini-session excursions designed to allow students to explore different regions of Spain in greater depth. These sessions vary from semester to semester, however regularly they include the following: Madrid, Barcelona, Andalucía, Galicia and Castilla y León.
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