The George Washington University Madrid Study Center is located at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), one of the foremost teaching and research institutions and a center for cultural activities. Students who have the appropriate language level can take advantage of its dynamic teaching by enrolling in courses along side with Spaniards. Those who desire to continue to develop their Spanish proficiency take an intensive four week language and culture program, tailored to their needs, before starting regular classes. Students are encouraged to continue to study Spanish during the semester while taking GWU designed courses in English in European history, politics or international economics. A student applying to the program is required to have completed two years of college-level Spanish, which could be met while attending the intensive course in Madrid (6 credits). A wide range of interesting and challenging internships are available for credit to qualified students at various Spanish international or cultural centers. Amnesty International, INSpain magazine, UNESCO, Museo del Prado, or Banco Central Hispano are samples of these. The academic program is complemented by carefully selected excursions and outings in which the Resident Director or qualified faculty act as guides. Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial, as well as tours of Madrid's famous museums are part of the culturally enriching activities. An optional three-day tour of Andalucía or Galicia is offered. Students experience total immersion in the culture by living with carefully selected Spanish families in good neighborhoods. The availability of computer labs at the UAM, e-mail, and language labs are an added asset of the program. GW pays for registration of its students to the UAM sports facilities and offers them a certain number of choices in activities which include, muscle toning, aerobics, dancing, etc. For a modest fee, the student can avail himself of the tennis courts, pools and gym workouts for the initiated.

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