• Home institution students only
  • Academic year
  • Fall or spring semesters
  • Direct enrollment in Spanish universities: UCM and UPCO
  • Program assists students in finding appropriate housing
  • Options available: host families (2 meals included or kitchen rights), residences/dorms, and apartments for full year students during the second semester
  • Only one student per home and limited number of GU students in a residence
  • Field trips included in fees
  • Cultural events included in fees
  • Writing and DELE workshops
  • IDI and intercultural competency coaching
  • Madrid Hoya Network: liaison with the GU alumni Club of Spain

Ms. Erin Pendle
Overseas Studies Advisor for Spain and Latin America
Office of Global Education Car Barn, suite 210
Georgetown University
Washington D.C. 20057-1013
T: (202) 687-5867
F: (202) 687-5944

Director: Ana Flys Junquera
office: (UCM) +34.915.447.752 or (UPCO) +34.91.542.2800 ext. 2464
fax: +34.915.447.752
Madrid site:

Georgetown University students have the opportunity to fully integrate into Spanish society and the Spanish academia environment by attending Esther the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (UPCO)or the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). They enroll in regular classes with degree-seeking students in both universities. They are limited to one o rtwo classes for foreigners (Erasmus or Reunidas). The academic calendar varies according to the university but generally speaking from September through December/January (Fall semester) and January/February through May/June (Spring semester). G.U. students are expected to complete either the full academia year or one semester. On the home campus, students will receive academia orientation from the appropriate overseas studies advisor and their college Dean. In Spain, the Resident Director and the host university faculty will continue the advising process in order to ensure that students enroll in classes that meet their academia needs and interests. At the beginning of each semester, the program offers incoming students a one to two week orientation session that focuses on language, cultural and academic integration. During these periods and throughout the academia year, Spanish peers will help students understand the nuances of the Spanish educational system and society. Students are urged to take part in writing and DELE workshops as well as intercultural competency coaching sessions. Activities such as language exchanges and volunteer work are encouraged. Outings to theater, museums and nearby monumental cities will be scheduled to enhance their cultural experience.