• Open to students from other institutions
  • Academic year
  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Graduate courses
  • Courses organized by program. Summer session in Vermont
  • Requirements: undergrad. 5 semesters of Spanish, graduate students must have a high language proficiency, Summer session in Vermont
  • Courses organized through American program consortium
  • Direct enrollment in Spanish university
  • Internships
  • Program assists with housing
  • Options available: host families, kitchen rights within host families, apartments/listings, residences/dorms, only one student per home
  • Some field trips included in fees
  • Some cultural events included in fees
  • Organized field trips
  • Volunteer work opportunities
Spanish School, Sunderland Language Center
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Office of Off-Campus Study
Sunderland Language Center
Middlebury College
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Director: Patricia Rodriguez
Email: prodriguez@middlebury.edu
Office: 011.34.913.198.188
Fax: 011.34.913.100.036

Middlebury College offers one of only three U.S. programs in Madrid available for graduate study in Spanish language, literature and culture. Aside from a successful Master of Arts program, the college offers an undergraduate division whose steadily-growing enrollment attests to students' desires to profit from this unique experience offered by study abroad with full assurance of U.S. accreditation. Classes for both divisions are held from September to May at the Madrid Sede Prim, Prim, 19, where internationally known professors from diverse fields of Hispanic culture offer classes for the Middlebury program in an institution whose long tradition of academic excellence and innovation makes it the ideal setting for the exchange of Spanish and American points of view. Graduate candidates seeking the Master's degree are required to have completed a B.A. and have graduate level fluency in Spanish. All graduate students must attend one summer session on the Middlebury campus in Vermont, prior to initiating their studies in Madrid. A total of 12 units (12 courses) is required for the M.A. degree. Courses at the doctoral level are also available through the Madrid program. On the undergraduate level qualified students from Middlebury and other institutions are eligible to participate providing they have completed 5 semesters of college Spanish or its equivalent. Students may also apply for either the Fall or Spring terms. Middlebury assists students in finding suitable family situations. The Middlebury program in Spain offers direct undergraduate enrollment at the Universidad Carlos III, the Universidad de Córdoba, and the Universidad de La Rioja. Students take 3 regular classes and one language class. As one of the most established foreign studies programs in Madrid, Middlebury graduates enjoy the benefits of superior preparation under conditions which take maximum advantage of the international experience represented by study abroad.