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University of California, Davis
Calle Miguel Angel 6, Bajo 9
28010 Madrid España
Tfno.: 91.308.5979
Fax: 91.308.63.48
Center Director:Vanessa Rodríguez García (

The University of California, Davis, offers a quarter study program at the Instituto Internacional in Madrid, from March to June, open to students from the Davis Campus, as well as other campuses from the UC system and institutions of higher education. The program is composed of two levels, a Spanish language and culture cohort as well as a cohort of students who partake in three humanities courses taught in Spanish language. The Spanish Language cohort group come with either one or two quarters or less of Spanish language and the humanities cohort students come having completed at least four quarters of Spanish language (or the equivalent) and follow an intensive course curriculum (equivalent to three one-quarter courses) and a Spanish Civilization course (taught in English), for a total of four courses equivalent to 16 credits. Internships are offered as teaching assistants at a private school in Madrid with an English curriculum. During the program, all students have opportunity to attend lectures and performances by important personalities in the cultural and political life of Spain, which are offered by the various programs housed at the Instituto. In addition, our program includes a series of field-trips to places of particular interest throughout Spain. All the field trips and many cultural activities in Madrid, as well as housing in Spanish private homes or shared student apartments, are included in the program fees.